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Personal Project
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Kelvin working as a doorman
“Can you help me use this app?” - Mom

Sounds familiar? Helping old tenants with apps became part of my part-time job as a doorman. As much as I love helping them, I won’t be available to assist them 24/7. One of them even had an “iPhone tutor” coming over once a week.

Technology is always evolving, but sadly, it is not always accessible to the older members of our family who wants to stay connected.

Design Challenge
What if there is a way to easily assist the elderly virtually?

Design process

Online Research
Affinity Mapping

This is the question that sparked the idea of this personal project. Companies like Apple and Google are always working on making phones more accessible but there will always be limitations versus a personal assistant guiding you through your screen.

User Research
User-centered approach:
Understanding mobile use by elders

As more people age, we cannot deny that the advancement in technology is no less than useful for elders than to young people. By addressing accessibility, the advantages offered by tech will be usable for elders in improving their quality of life. It can serve as their second “crutch” which should aide and not frustrate them.

Aeging and Health

A kid helping an elderly with her phone

Mobile communication for Elders/disabled

Blue blob
Pink blob
Green blob

Most seniors say they need help using new electronic devices

Pew research graph

%U.S adults who say the statement, “When I get a new electronic device, I usually need someone else to get it up or show me how to use it, describes them very or somewhat well, by age. Net category rounded.

Most seniors say technology has had a mostly positive effect on society

Pew research pie chart

%U.S adults who say the statement, “When I get a new electronic device, I usually need someone else to get it up or show me how to use it, describes them very or somewhat well, by age. Net category rounded.

User persona and affinity mapping

I used whiteboarding to create a persona that would reflect a user. I did a simple affinity mapping of features that would benefit the app based on the persona and grouped according to similarity. Since this is a solo project, I did the design ideation by my self. On a team, I would’ve loved to participate in a One-Hundred-Dollar Test to determine the most important features. And of course, talk to developers on what is possible.

Feautures board
Persona board
Beverly Shapiro Persona

“I know what it’s like to be alone, I'm alone now for 13 years” -Mrs. Shapiro. A snippet from an interview.

Wireframe and prototype
Designing for simplicity

The last thing I want for this app is an interface too complicated for its users. After all, this is an app that is suppose to help guide users. I decided to go with a hub-and-spoke interface and welcome users with two option to connect which identifies the assistant and the one who needs help. Idid not design the usual code/pin based confirmation since it requires cognitive load to memorize the code. In my personal experience, I even had to teach someone how to copy and paste a text in IOS. A unique shared link which will connect and prompt users to download the app if they don’t have one seems to be a better solution. Open to debate.

Link sharing wireframe
Screen sharing wireframe
View Freehand wireframe
View homescreen prototype

No designer is an island

This is just the initial design and it is missing more usability and user testing. I would also love to have feedback from other designers and developers for its feature’s possibility and improvement. I believe in having all hands on deck when designing an app. Every part of the team should be aware of and consulted on every design decision. That is why I also believe that designers should sit with developers during handoffs and not just send a Zepplin file. But that is for another story.

Labels vs Icon illustration
Illustration from The Brainstorm Session by Pablo Stanley


Pablo Stanley
Rotato and Invision Studio tutorial
Oluwatobi Mayowa
Lottie File
Deen Vasquez
Assistance on whiteboarding

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